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  • Extract: Copy your data off platforms you don't own.
  • Nullify: Redirect or cross link to promote your own sites and platforms over big tech platforms. Leverage the power of big tech platforms for pushing people to your own and your community web of sites.
  • Transform: Turn the pale posts you've extracted, which were limited by the commercial and surveillance requirements of big tech platforms, into something cool and new.
  • Exchange: Link to others, copyleft, remix and give away content to others who re-share and match your philosophy. Get permission to use their work and give permission to use yours.
  • Replicate: Leverage Schema.org isBasedOn, SameAs, 301s, and canonical to create intentionally replicative and derivative works that retain credit, forward or assign links back to the originals, but are maintained independently. Create local archives using whatever tools you can.

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