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3rd party cookie delay is no excuse for brands to delay acting

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“Cookies have been deprecated in non-Chrome browsers for a long time. Anyone who isn’t prepared with a first-party data strategy and a non-pixel measurement strategy, should not delay."

This quote by James McDonald, "co-founder and director of independent advertising services agency Audience Group," is one of a number in this piece that are right on the money.

The delay in the deprecation of 3rd party cookies by Google is not an excuse for anyone to delay shifting towards more private and non-cookie dependent strategies. I've been writing about this for a while, but it seems there are still so many who are very unwisely waiting for the last minute to make the shift.

— Via Andrew Birmingham, Google's third 3rd-party cookie deprecation delay in 3 years creates more uncertainty as UK regulators overlay privacy misgivings on top of competition concerns. But it's no excuse for brands to delay acting say ADMA, industry leaders
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