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Personal vs. Personalized AI

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You have individual empowerment and agency when you ride your bike, drive your car, mow your lawn, or button your shirt. You also have it when you work on your laptop, phone, and other smart rectangles. Scale means your power and agency will grow to the max, and the same will happen for nearly everyone else. Scale for you alone won’t cut it. When most of us have it, that’s scale.

Technologies extend us. They enlarge our capacities in the world. Intelligence is one of those capacities. So is memory. Your rectangles help a lot with both. That’s why those have already scaled to ubiquity, or close enough.

AI will do the same, but only if it’s personal. Not if it’s just”personalized.”


To both companies, personal AI is a personalized service—from them. It’s not something you own and control. It’s not about individual empowerment and agency. It doesn’t extend you. It’s hired prosthesis: an extension of them rather than of you.

— Via Doc Searls, Personal vs. Personalized AI
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