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WB/D is throwing films in the trash and their big alternative is.... more LotR films ?

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Andy Serkis is clearly very talented and poor Peter Jackson is also clearly very talented and also really seems burned out on making these and it's wild that you have these two talented collaborators and they keep pushing them towards more LotR films.

The very idea of a Gollum prequel is, on its face, terrible. For what? Who wants that?

What possible story would a Gollum prequel tell about the guy who, inevitably at the end, becomes a sad raw-fish-eating murder overcome with greed and hatred to the point of throwing themselves into lava?

Together with the terrible video game it is clear some executive has decided that Gollum has some sort of significant fanbase but... does he? Who is out there stanning Gollum? Who is horny for more Gollum content?!?!

The Gollum AO3 tag only has 847 works! That's basically nothing for a character who appears in this much major media! Smaug has almost twice as many fics! Bard the Bowman has almost 4 times as many! Bard the Bowman! Why a film series about Gollum?!?! This makes no sense?!?

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