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We Need To Rewild The Internet

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      April 19, 2024
    2. We Need To Rewild The Internet
      April 20, 2024
    3. The Revenge of the Home Page
      May 1, 2024
    4. We can have a different web
      May 1, 2024
    5. Manifesto for a Humane Web
      May 13, 2024
    6. The Internet is a Series of Webs
      June 8, 2024

This line gave me shivers:

To investors, this critical infrastructure failure doesn’t look like fragility but like a chance to profit.

I love a good call to action:

Rewilding an already built environment isn’t just sitting back and seeing what tender, living thing can force its way through the concrete. It’s razing to the ground the structures that block out light for everyone not rich enough to live on the top floor.

This piece is long, but highly recommended, especially if you're interested in the future of the web. It hits on so many points I don't think I can do a good job of summarizing it. I highly recommend the list of recommendations at the bottom.

Technologist as a crisis discipline? Makes sense to me.

— Via Maria Farrell and Robin Berjon, We Need To Rewild The Internet
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